photograph of Paul Secular

Paul M. Secular is a PhD can­did­ate in physics and math­ematics with a broader interest in science, philo­sophy, and the arts. He started his physics edu­cation at St. John's College, Ox­ford, under the tuit­ion of Prof­essor Sir Keith Burnett, Prof­essor Tony Weidberg, and Dr Tchavdar Todorov. While at Oxford, he also gained his first exp­er­ience of scien­tific res­earch, taking part in a pro­ject at the Nuclear and Astrophysics Laboratory concer­ned with lepton pair pro­duct­ion at the Hadron Electron Ring Accelerator.

He then took a break from his studies and work­ed for twelve years as a pro­fess­ional soft­ware engin­eer, acquir­ing skills in object-oriented design, data­base dev­elop­ment, and web tech­nol­ogies.

In 2012 he res­umed his degree studies, grad­uating with an MSci in Physics with Theo­reti­cal Physics at Imperial College London in 2016. His Master's thesis was en­titled "Non­locality & Imposs­ible Machines" and was super­vised by Dr David Jennings. Areas of interest include the found­ations of quan­tum mech­anics, quan­tum infor­mation, comp­lex­ity, chaos theory, rela­tiv­ity, and the philo­sophy of physics.